Reading is Fun, Improve Reading Skills

Reading is Fun, Improve Reading Skills

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Somewhere along the road of Xboxs and iPods, texting and DVR, reading landed itself a bad rap. It tried to keep up with our obsession for technology with the invention of the ebook and ereader, but the number of people who read is still shockingly low. Half of the kids today probably have no idea that the Harry Potter movies were books before they were movies. The mentality of most is: why bother reading when the good books will be turned into a movie? Well, because reading is fun! Sure a movie is fun to watch but why watch someone elses' interpretation of a book when you can make your own in your head? Reading a few hours a week can also improve your reading skills and your vocabulary. Besides just improving your reading skills or your vocabulary, there are a number of reasons why reading should become your new favorite hobby.


Whether you're reading about goblins or wizards, physics or philosophy, reading makes you smarter. It's not like watching TV or a movie which requires no critical thinking whatsoever. Reading actually makes you use your brain thus you think more and in turn you become smarter. Remember learning to infer the meaning of a word by reading the context of the other words in the sentence back in elementary school or on the SAT? The same benefits come from reading a book. When you read a book you find yourself exposed to words that you may not have been otherwise. Choose a challenging book and look up the words that you don't know. Pretty soon you'll realize that your lexicon is a lot more sophisticated than the average person. Reading is also a great way to reduce stress and disconnect from any distractions. There's nothing like having a terrible day but being able to escape into the world of literature. Dive into an adventure book or a romance and just relax.


As ridiculous as it may sound to some people, books can actually change your life. When you're in any kind of slump – marriage, unemployment, or just feeling blue – pick up a book on the portion of your life you are slumping in and do something about it! Read a biography of someone great or learn something new. Not only is reading free, but it can also save you money in different areas of your life. Instead of hiring a landscaper to fix up your backyard, pick up a book and learn to do it yourself. You'll save money and have the satisfaction of knowing you did it yourself. By reading you can also expand your knowledge and tolerance about the rest of the world and cultures other than your own. If you've always wanted to visit a particular city, buy a book about it and expand your horizons.


Simply put, the more frequently you read, the more you will improve reading skills. Over time, you'll find that your eyes move faster down the page without you having to go back and reread the material to make sure you understood it. Having strong reading skills is imperative to any profession. Even the physicist has to read and comprehend a book at some point in his life. If you're in school, having good reading skills can save you some serious time. With five different classes to read for by the next day, you don't want to be stuck reading for twice the amount of time that it could take you if you had stronger reading skills. Reading is an essential skill because it's a critical factor responsible for increasing your ability to learn and master large volumes of information.


When you find the right book, you'll realize that reading is fun and it's good for you. It makes you smarter and having strong reading skills opens more opportunities when you're looking for a job. Improve reading skills by reading just a few hours a week depending on your skill level. Feed that imagination and make your own movie of a book in your head. Maybe your Jay Gatsby doesn't look like Robert Redford, or your Romeo won't look like Leonardo DiCaprio (...although I can't imagine why he wouldn't)! 


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